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Often it is only a single blur of colour that distinguishes you from others.
Perhaps it will be this that brings you the success you hope for.



Individual web design

No matter whether you are a global company with headquarters in New York or a small, successful family-run company in South Tyrol, today every organization should boast its own website. Even if you do not earn money directly from your online presence, by, for example, operating an online shop or...
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Manage everything yourself online

The integration of a CMS is an absolute MUST for a modern website. CMS stands for Content Management System. No matter how attractive and elaborate the design of your website is, with our CMS you can manage all of the content of your website yourself with ease. Even extending the site...
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... & online Marketing.

As everyone knows, nowadays you can find everything on the internet. But can you be found too? SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and means the process of optimizing the visibility of websites for search engines such as Google etc. It is one aspect that has a decisive...
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Print Design

Design you can take hold of

Every company needs to be exclusively recognizable. For this reason, when creating logos or designs for prospectuses, magazines, advertising flyers, business cards, presentation folders, letter stationery, exhibition stands and other advertising media we make sure that the design is individual...
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Good quality, attractive packaging

In recent years we have designed the product packaging for several renowned companies. Our range in the area of packaging design includes wine labels, product cartons and cosmetic products. Naturally we also include aspects such as functionality, innovation, aesthetics and ecological...
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An eye for detail

Good photos are indispensable when it comes to creating meaningful advertising media. A nice design alone is rarely enough to achieve the perfect end result. The photos have to be right too. And not only in terms of quality, but also with regard to their purpose. Here at OKiS we recognised...
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...& Action!

Image videos have never been as important and worthwhile as they are today. The YouTube video portal, for example, is among the world’s most visited websites. So don’t pass up the chance to be found there too. With moving images you can convey an authentic impression of your...
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Find the right words

Finding the right words is not always easy. And even when you have found them, it is still not always clear whether what you want to say with them will be heard. In the online area in particular, text editing has become increasingly important. Customers usually want as little text as possible,...
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Full service!

Naturally we are also able to provide our services and offers in a comprehensive package that is right for you. The advantages: you get all of the buildings blocks from a single source and benefit not only from standardized development, but also save time and costs to the bottom line. From...
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